Insites Tour – London

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The Insites tour is a series of informal evening discussions held in creative spaces. I attended the London event at Engine / Jam offices in Oxford Circus. There was a good range of attendees from all corners of the digital space and the evening ran like a slightly less chaotic version of Jeremy Kyle, with the hosts, Elliot Jay Stocks & Keir Whitaker interviewing the guests followed by a Q&A. Here’s a few things I took away from the evening…

If you’re going to work for someone else, make sure they rock!

All three speakers had worked for some impressive companies, (, Clear Left, The Guardian, DC Comics). But it wasn’t the salary or clients they reflected on, it was the passion those companies have for what they do.

Simon Willison told an awesome story about how it’s possible to instil that passion. That got me thinking about how we’re lucky to work in a medium that has such a low barrier to entry. I would imagine most people reading this have at least half the skills required to put a prototype together and there’s nothing you can’t learn (or outsource) if you really believe in the idea… Let’s inspire the people around us.

If you’re not living the dream, you’re doing it wrong.

If you really believe in the idea put a prototype together, inspire the people around you.

It’s important to be happy (and challenged) in what you do. Happiness was the catalyst to a lot of the speakers new challenges & opportunities.

This particularly resonates with me as I’ve just taken on a new career pathway (freelance). It wasn’t that I disliked my old job, I felt like my learning curve had plateaued & had achieved the things I set out to do. I wasn’t learning something new every day anymore.

Be nice, be enthusiastic, care.

If you could sum up Tom Muller’s life story (as he told it at Insites) it would be this. Lot’s of his personal goals and exciting projects have been off the back of working on cool/exciting things for free. It’s almost seen as a taboo to work on free projects these days, but clearly if you *actually* want to do it and you can give it 100% it can extend your network & lead to awesome opportunities that you might not otherwise get.

The Speakers

Denise Wilton Denise Wilton (@denisewilton)

Currently, CD at Berg. Previously, b3ta co-founder, CD at MOO.

Natalie Downe Natalie Downe (@Natbat)

Co-founder of @lanyrd – Enthusiastic world explorer and digital creative.

Tom Muller Tom Muller (@hellomuller)

Born and bred in Antwerp — now designing fine comics, logos, websites, books, posters, and other stuff in London for you.

Simon Willison Simon Willison (@simonw)

Co-founder of @lanyrd.

Have you been on the Insites tour? I would love to hear about it!